Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My mommy loves me very much, and she takes good care of me, she lets me eat whenever I want and she lets me know when I have been naughty. My mom sometimes lets me go bike riding with my brother and sometimes I like to scooter with my brother too.

My favorite animal is a unicorn. My favorite doll is my baby boo, she knows everything and actually she is a he, and he knows everything. She stays up at the night and she guards me. And baby boo nevers grows, but I do.

I am just a gummi bear, and that is my favorite song right now. Do you like it too?
What if they changed the song to be about mommy bear instead of gummi bear?

(breaks down into tears* ) I don't want it anymore

A hungry 4 year old signing off... grumpy and tired too.


Frances Bergen said...

I love gummy bears too. Love them, love them. I want to hear a song about gummy bears, will you sing me a song, princess of the castle. Is your Castle made of gummy bears?

Frances Bergen said...

What a great article writer you are. Very proud of you princess of the castle. Love Bapcha