Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My mommy loves me very much, and she takes good care of me, she lets me eat whenever I want and she lets me know when I have been naughty. My mom sometimes lets me go bike riding with my brother and sometimes I like to scooter with my brother too.

My favorite animal is a unicorn. My favorite doll is my baby boo, she knows everything and actually she is a he, and he knows everything. She stays up at the night and she guards me. And baby boo nevers grows, but I do.

I am just a gummi bear, and that is my favorite song right now. Do you like it too?
What if they changed the song to be about mommy bear instead of gummi bear?

(breaks down into tears* ) I don't want it anymore

A hungry 4 year old signing off... grumpy and tired too.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Princess Sleeping beauty

Princess sleeping beauty lived in a princess castle. The prince fighted the bad guys then they married. The prince was good and he married the princess from the castle who lived in her room. Then she remembered she forgot to eat her oatmeal, then she ran outside and the prince called her because there was not anymore bad guys. Then the prince went to disney land on his flying horse. Then they lived happily ever after.

The end.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I like to go on adventure with gramma and grandpa and I like to climb. I like to go to little gym and I like to climb rocks and I like to jump up on hikes, I like to wear glasses on hikes, sometimes it gets too cold, and sometimes I write notes on hikes, sometimes I bring freinds and telephones on hikes. Sometimes I use a pretend brush when I go to .. umm.. camp. It is hard, but I like to play on a computer and I like to jump up and down in camp, sometimes I clap at camp, sometimes I run at camp.. sometimes when i go on an adventure I bring a light in case we go in the dark cave. I like to bring a water squirter in case i want to get wet and sometimes I bring a swimming pool into camp. Sometimes I want to go back home when i am hungry where i am going to camp. Sometimes I like to stay home on my adventure and camp in my backyard. And sometimes I like to pretend I have bananas as binoculors and sometimes I like to bring a movie on an adventure and I like to watch it.

That is all mama.

*Note to readers.. this is a made up story straight from the 4 year old princess herself!

Band Aids

I like hello kitty and barbie band aids. I would like to find bandaids with music notes on them. When I get a cut and when I like to keep them in a back pack sometimes just in case. And baby band aids ... so little for babies would be a good idea too. Sometimes the paper from the band aids stick to you sometimes. When you are done with a band aid sometimes you need to rip it off and sometimes it just falls off in the water - right?!??

Band Aids... I like them. Even pokadot bandaids with pokadots on them.

Princess Castle




Princess Castle.

Princess Joy.

Princess Baby.

When you are a pincess you lay in a bed, you always wear clean underwear so you don't smell like a dirty rascal. You help all the animals. Princesses help a lot and are nice to all people, and most important - you care.

Hello, my name is Maya and I am a princess laying in a bed, I wear clean underwear, I help animals and am nice to people and I really really really really care. And I love people. And I like babies. And I like fish.